HANDMADE - every product will last for decades
Docking stations are made and processed with precision to highlight the natural design and beauty of solid wood. Each piece of dock is a unique wooden sculpture.

ECO FRENDLY - Become a part of this sustainable process
All stands and docks are made from old stumps, broken or parted logs or discarded and reclaimed wooden shapes – none are from living trees.



FUNCTIONALITY - Interchangeable cords
Docking stations have a system which allows you to easily insert or remove your USB data cable, at the same time when the cable is inserted it provides compactness and durability when using it.

COMPATIBILITY - made for iPhone, iPad, iWatch, AirPods devices
This wooden gadgets – docking stations and holders/stands are compatible for Apple devices combined with or without cases / covers. This concept is applicable to other smartphones, tablets.


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