Whole story of Valliswood


We are Redkin brothers; Mario and Dario. We have worked with wood from our childhood. We have connected our love for mobile phones and art of woodwork. Product of that synergy are high-quality wooden docks and stands for mobile phones and tablets.

Process of making
In the process of making we spend a lot of time studying the variety of shapes: the position of a branch, textures and forms incurred under the influence of environment, punctures, holes, ingrown forms. When you see the final product, you can see that it is a result of a long process. In nature, some shapes need many years and decades for forming and growing. All stands and docks are made of old stumps, broken or parted logs- none are from living trees. Every piece of wood needs to dry for several years, in nature and in controlled conditions, before it is ready for processing. Our process of working on one dock lasts around 4-6 days. During that time we can do only few of them simultaneously. For making docks and stands we use wood like quality species of oak, beech, hornbeam, pine, cherry and apple tree. When merging pieces we use Carpenter's wood glue, which is the best kind, proven by carpenters from  all over the world. For finishing we use linseed oil, beeswax and lacquer. If You need more info about the features of our products - click here.


Golden Valley in Croatia
We use hardwoods from great sustainable woodlands that surround Vallis Aurea in Croatia. The great old Romans called this area Vallis Aurea, and translated from Latin it means Golden Valley. The quality of wood from these forests is well recognized and proven in many countries across the whole Europe.