f1Handmade Handcrafted

f2Made from solid wood / reclaimed wood

f3Interchangeable cord system

f4Compatible with covers and cases

f5Proper back support

f6No-slip rubber feets


Eco frendly - Become a part of this sustainable process
Buying a wooden instead of a plastic dock or holder for your phone/device is eco friendly. All stands and docks are made from old stumps, broken or parted logs or discarded and reclaimed wooden shapes - none are from living trees. Nature has shaped for years just for your phone / device and now You become a part of this sustainable process.

The making - Every product will last for decades
Docking stations are made and processed with precision to highlight the natural design and beauty of solid wood. In the whole process of making I'm trying to use environmentally friendly components. Docking stations and stands are made from quality species of oak, beech, pine, hornbeam, cherry and apple tree. Every wooden docking station or stand has the quality of a handmade product. When merging pieces I use Carpenter's wood glue, which is the best kind, proven by carpenters from all over the world. Every piece is stacked and processed with precision. Every finished product will last for decades and decades.



Design - From rustic to minimalistic
Valliswood sculptures bring harmony to your home through functionality and aesthetics. Every rustic Valliswood wooden dock comes from a log and highlight natural shape. Modern docks are combination of discarded and reclaimed wooden shapes with other materials. They radiate modern and minimalistic design. These rustic or modern wooden docks fit in any interior; offices or homes, children's rooms, bedrooms or living rooms. They fulfill them with new pure natural energy. Different shapes are grouped into few categories - see gallery. Each piece of dock is a unique wooden sculpture and acts as visually stimulating, tactile work of art.

Functionality - Docking stations with interchangeable cords
Every product is easy to use. Considering its dimensions You can easily place it on any office desk, home desk, nightstand, dresser, mantel etc.. The docks have a system which allows you to easily and in a few seconds insert or remove your USB data cable (cord), at the same time when the cable is inserted it provide compactness and strength when using it.



This wooden gadgets, docking stations are compatible for Apple devices; iPhone, iPad, iWatch, AirPods, Apple TV remote / Siri remote and Android devices. Docking stations are made for that devices combined with or without covers / cases. The concept of making wooden docks or holders can be applied to any other phones or devices like other mobile phones, smartphones, tablets - see custom design page.