Where and how to buy

Valliswood stand or dock is the most appropriate gift for someone or for yourself because it represents a uniqueness like the one that each of us possesses.

Buy the finished product from my Etsy shop

Not registered to Etsy - no problem, contact us directly, tell us what item you want to buy and we will send you paypal invoice.

Need custom designed product?

If You need custom design, fill in the form and provide me with information about what type of product you want. Once we have agreed on the conditions (design, features....), I immediately start the process of making the product. No extra fee added for custom items.

We accept payments via card and Paypal. We will send the item within 48 hours after received payment. In case of custom design, the payment is made after the product is finished. The items are shipped from Europe (Croatia). Usual shipping time to US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA is around 2 weeks. Usual shipping time to UK and EUROPE is around 5-12 days depending on country. Here are complete shop policies. Contact us if you need more info.